Client home preparation guide

Prior to arrival
To make the very most of your appointment make sure the following are in place before my arrival so you can make the very most of our limited time together.


Please have an appropriate space for the massage table. It measures 84cm high, by 192 long and 70cm wide and ideally I will need about one metre space surrounding all sides.
Although I can make do with as little as 50cms each side, the more room I have, the more comfortable and effective experience all round and the better I can deliver your massage properly. Conversely, too large a space may be prone to feeling chilly, especially in the winter.

Heat and light
For your own comfort, the space should be not too bright, nor too dim, and warm enough for you to feel comfortable in your skin. Remember you will be lying still and parts of your body will be exposed to the air so you need to increase the temperature a couple of degrees above what you would normally find comfortable when clothed and active.

• Have a place that ensures privacy and no interruptions from people or technology.

• If they are important to you, by all means put on candles or music, but they are optional extras. Be aware that if placed in an unsafe area, candles can be distracting and please ensure music is appropriate.

• Have a water jug and two glasses nearby. You should definitely drink some water after the massage and may want some at pre-massage consultation stage too.

• Finally, try to gather some time for yourself before my arrival so that you are in as relaxed a state as possible prior to your massage.


I am more than happy to talk over anything you are unsure of, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on 07563 557310 or email